Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looking at the positive

A very common question I get being pregnant is

Is this your first?

Well I chose to be up front and honest and my answer is always no this is our second and then the next question is always

How old is your other one?

Well then the answer is actually our little girl passed away at 3 months of age.

Now the first thing out of a persons mouth is I am so sorry and you know I kind of feel bad that people so bad for asking cause John and I look on having Amelia as a very positive thing one of the best things to happen to us being blessed with Amelia as our daughter YES it is sad that she is no longer here physically with us but our little girl lived her life even though it was short but she had a good life and was loved YES I would love for her to still be with us on earth but wanting this does not change anything.

From them saying sorry we try to turn it around and try get people see the positive of what having Amelia has done and that we are not sad or scared to talk about her as we are proud of her and would at the end of it having people walk away from us not feeling bad for us but happy for us the blessing we have to of been gifted with Amelia.