Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting to know Amelia Grace

The greatest gift I have ever received was having the chance to get to know our beautiful little girl the time may of been short (no amount of time would of ever been long enough) but we have a lifetime of memories that John and I as well as our friends and family can talk about.


While I was pregnant we learnt we had a very stubborn girl (this served her well) at our 2nd 20 week scan they were trying to get a good look at her brain well she had other ideas and moved up behind my belly button which meant the dr spent a good deal of time trying to push her out from behind it and as soon as they did she would go directly back behind it she proved in all scans that she had that she was going to do what she wanted and very rarely co-operated the other big thing was as soon as anyone besides me would touch my belly she would stop moving (this upset John a bit).


Right from the moment Amelia was born she was very much a daddy's girl and her daddy was very smitten with his little girl she also continued with her stubbornness and had the will to prove a lot of people wrong being born alive was one of her first things she did which it was not expected to do. I remember on her first night of being out in the world I was sitting in the SCN there were to lovely nurses on and a handful of babies they were playing some music and singing along to it (the nurses not the babies )and one of the nurses got to talking to me and she said I don't think she has trisomy 13 or 18 because she is not acting the way a baby with this behaves as she was doing so well her stats were really good (we were not expecting the results back to the next day)Amelia kept this going and never did what anyone expected her to do including us her parents.

When Amelia was 6 days old we were at our local hospital the decision was made that we wanted to take her home to be with us so we were put into a parents room with the aim that if Amelia made it to Sunday (they had told us that they felt Amelia would not make it through the weekend)that we would take her home and we needed to know how to care for her and to make sure we would not panic if anything went wrong and from that night our baby girl had gone from a baby that was more than happy to sleep in the cot of a night time to a baby who would not sleep unless with her parents this lead us to having to co-sleep as Amelia would not sleep any other way and we tried on numerous occasions to get her to sleep on her own.

I could go on for ages about lots of stories about Amelia but to sum her up she was a beautiful little girl (we used to get random strangers make comments about her all the time) she was a very peaceful girl (people would often say that they felt very peaceful around her) strong willed and was going to do things her own way and in her own time including the way and the when she passed away (medical professionals would often say that she was not what they expected and the amount of times we heard she was going to pass away in the very near future and she never did and she also did not stay with us till Christmas like John and I wanted her to). Amelia loved her pram and her swing, she was cuddly and loved her cuddles and knew how to get them.

she has bought so much Joy to us and our family and we can never imagine going through life and never of getting to meet her

Happy Birthday to our beautiful little angel we know you are in heaven and we look forward to the day we will be with you and be able to hold you again

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