Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coming to an end

Well I can't believe that my pregnancy is almost at an end and we will soon be meeting out little boy (not so little) the time has gone quick but in terms of meeting our little boy it can't come quick enough.
As my pregnancy has gotten close to the end emotionally I have found fit a bit harder and never had the sort of feelings I have now that I did in Amelia's pregnancy, With Amelia I was in no hurry to have Amelia come out so I was never impatient I also never overly stressed if she had a quiet day but with this little boy I am just wanting to be full term so he can come out and I have also got worried when he has gotten quiet and taken myself off to the hospital to have him monitored because of it.
I think the reason for these feelings may be (A) because in my mind Amelia was safe while she was inside so I did not want her to come out into the unknown world (B) I knew it was likely that she would not make it to birth so in some part of me had prepared myself for that (C) I am more so aware of the things that can go wrong in pregnancy.
So in about 2 and a half weeks we will be expecting to welcome our little boy into the world praying that things go smoothly and our little boy is very healthy and happy.
Just wanted to wish all the fathers out there a beautiful fathers day and specially my wonderful husband John you are such an awesome dad and words cannot say how glad I am that you are the father of my children xxx

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  1. I wish for you the most beautiful birth experience and for every second from then onwards to be perfectly uneventful xxxx