Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Something as simple as a facebook profile picture

Since the 14th of August 2010 on both mine and John's facebook profile picture Amelia has been a part of it accept maybe once I briefly changed mine and Amelia was not in the photo but it did not stay that way for very long anyway this got John and I talking about the thought of changing our profile pics.

We both find this a bit hard and upsetting (seems silly I know) in an ideal world it would not be an upsetting issue it would be a case of having a photo with our 2 children that we could use as a picture and not feeling like having to make a choice or feel like we are neglecting one of our children in any way .

We did not have another baby to replace Amelia as all children we may have in the future are children we had to grow our family and will all be loved and cherished and just as important as Amelia was and Amelia will never be forgotten an we know this but why then is it so hard that something as simple as changing a facebook profile picture so upsetting and feel like that we will be letting down one of our children?

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  1. I had this very same problem. My old FB pic that jill took was of Scott, G and I. i couldnt stand that Zak was not in it so I photo shopped a pic of him in one of the corners. We now have a new FB profil pic of the 3 of us. Our new family pic was taken where Zak's ashes were scattered so when I see the photo I see him as well. One day I might add his photo in as well if it gets to me but for now Im happy with him being in the photo 'that' way.
    Hugs xxx