Monday, July 25, 2011

Not The Natural Order Of Things

On Thursday I went for what I thought would be a very quick usual visit to the hospital well that trip turned to me being sent on my way to relax at maternity assessment for a few hours ( the emotions that bought up is a whole other post but just know both baby and mum are fine :).

While chilling at maternity assessment I got talking to one of the nurses about how a loss of a child is just something you never get over ( all though there seems to be a lot of people out there who think you should just get over it ) this nurse herself had never experienced the loss of a child but her mother did and she said her mum never got over it really or forgot the child and I personally know it is something that we are going to get over and forget we have a daughter that we will miss for the rest of our lives until the day that we are again with her.

My grandmother had a little girl that passed away a few hours after birth this is all we know as back in her day it was something that you just did not talk about so we know nothing about the situation and of course we have wondered if it is possible if our little girl and the little girl who really would of been my aunty had suffered the same medical condition. When I was about 16 I think my Uncle Michael passed away in his very early 40's and my grandmother was devastated by this and I remember her saying to me you are just not meant to out live your children that is not how it is meant to be at all it's not natural.

I wonder if this is the reason it is a lot harder to cope with the loss of a child as apposed a loss of a loved one? I have lost some loved ones who I was very close to and really loved and still miss but none of that compares to how I feel over the loss of my daughter

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