Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We got Amelia's Autopsy results

Well this will be a short post but today we had an appointment at my local hospital today with Amelia's doctor to get her results from the Autopsy and well we really did not learn anything that we did not already know it has been put down to one of those things and John and I are ok with this and are happy to put this part behind us and just focus on the good things Amelia has bought to our lives.

The support we have received from my local hospital has just been fantastic I could never imagine having Amelia any were else and am looking to having our Son there in about 12 weeks time.

My goal now is just to try and relax and enjoy every moment that is left of my pregnancy as I know once he is out in the world I will miss being pregnant as I am one of those lucky few that physically have good pregnancies but I know I will love having my baby with me more.

Thank you everyone for your support words really is not enough to say how much it means to us.

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