Thursday, June 23, 2011


Time is going so quick it is hard to believe that in just short of 13 weeks we will be meeting out little boy both John and I are very excited and cannot wait but of course we are also a bit nervous and a bit sad that our little boy will not get to meet his beautiful big sister.

Today we got stuck into sorting out a nursery for our boy which is something we did not do with Amelia we had all the stuff we needed for Amelia to bring her home but we never set up a room for her as she was in our room with us anyway which admittedly our little man will be to so we took the bassinet back into our room to today.

It is all starting to feel more real these days I used to think Amelia was a very active baby but nothing like her brother which is fine with one of the best things for me about being pregnant is feeling those precious little kicks it always brings a smile to my face.

On another note today we took 30 Lockets to the hospital and again on another note next Tuesday is the day we get Amelia's Autopsy results and naturally we feel very nervous about this but we are looking forward to having it over with so we can put it behind us as just focus on all the positive and good things that having Amelia bought to our life.

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