Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How do you not worry?

John and I as a general rule are pretty laid back and tend not to worry or stress too much when it comes to most things.

So my question is how do we try not to stress when it comes to pregnancy??? Leasing up to my scan we were stressed about what they might find and they found nothing wrong well that peace and relief lasted for a week till I had a check up with my GP who told me I was measuring a bit big I was cool with that as I knew from the scan Israel was measuring a bit big a few days after my appointment I made the mistake of looking at my blue book and her version of a bit ahead was me measuring 31 weeks when at the appointment I was just short of 22 weeks so then my stress turned to the fact that my gp made a comment about being careful due to the babies lungs and of course had me panicking all over again I had an appointment at the hospital today with my Endo and he has managed to put my mind at ease again but now I am wondering what I will freak out about next.

I enjoy pregnancy a lot but I also what the next 15 weeks to go really quickly as I am sick of being paranoid about something going wrong and people telling me to just relax and enjoy now bugs me cause if I could do this trust me I would since having Amelia I am more aware of the things that can go wrong.

Am I going to be like this every pregnancy?

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  1. Don't apologise for freaking out. If you can keep your anxiety so that you can still function, then you are reacting in a perfectly normal way given your experience. You can't unknow what you learned from Amelia and shouldn't be expected to. I really believe that worrying about worry makes things worse but if you give yourself permission to worry about your baby more than most parents might, then you will have less on your plate. Guilt free paranoia is not much of a consolation prize, but you deserve at least that ((hugs))