Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amelia's Autopsy Results

I don’t usually say too much about it but we are still waiting on Amelia’s Autopsy results and in the time leading up to my scan I attempted to follow it up and see if there was a chance that they were back yet as I was feeling very anxious about my scan and what they may find so I put in a call and was told Amelia’s dr would get back to me but that she did not think they were back yet otherwise I would of been contacted by now and well yes I did know this but I was just hoping.

1 week after my scan I got a call from one of the doctors from the hospital (I think it turned out Amelia’s dr was away) to be told no they had not yet finished but the results from all her genetic testing and DNA was back and it all came back normal now I feel frustrated because it looks more like we are not going to really get any answers and that everything is just going to be guessing they still say it is a genetic issue but really they will never really know.

All I want now is to get the results back before we welcome our little boy to the family it is now going into 7 months but the other part of me no longer wants to know anything else and feel like having an autopsy done was a big waste of time.

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