Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We got Amelia's Autopsy results

Well this will be a short post but today we had an appointment at my local hospital today with Amelia's doctor to get her results from the Autopsy and well we really did not learn anything that we did not already know it has been put down to one of those things and John and I are ok with this and are happy to put this part behind us and just focus on the good things Amelia has bought to our lives.

The support we have received from my local hospital has just been fantastic I could never imagine having Amelia any were else and am looking to having our Son there in about 12 weeks time.

My goal now is just to try and relax and enjoy every moment that is left of my pregnancy as I know once he is out in the world I will miss being pregnant as I am one of those lucky few that physically have good pregnancies but I know I will love having my baby with me more.

Thank you everyone for your support words really is not enough to say how much it means to us.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Time is going so quick it is hard to believe that in just short of 13 weeks we will be meeting out little boy both John and I are very excited and cannot wait but of course we are also a bit nervous and a bit sad that our little boy will not get to meet his beautiful big sister.

Today we got stuck into sorting out a nursery for our boy which is something we did not do with Amelia we had all the stuff we needed for Amelia to bring her home but we never set up a room for her as she was in our room with us anyway which admittedly our little man will be to so we took the bassinet back into our room to today.

It is all starting to feel more real these days I used to think Amelia was a very active baby but nothing like her brother which is fine with one of the best things for me about being pregnant is feeling those precious little kicks it always brings a smile to my face.

On another note today we took 30 Lockets to the hospital and again on another note next Tuesday is the day we get Amelia's Autopsy results and naturally we feel very nervous about this but we are looking forward to having it over with so we can put it behind us as just focus on all the positive and good things that having Amelia bought to our life.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How do you not worry?

John and I as a general rule are pretty laid back and tend not to worry or stress too much when it comes to most things.

So my question is how do we try not to stress when it comes to pregnancy??? Leasing up to my scan we were stressed about what they might find and they found nothing wrong well that peace and relief lasted for a week till I had a check up with my GP who told me I was measuring a bit big I was cool with that as I knew from the scan Israel was measuring a bit big a few days after my appointment I made the mistake of looking at my blue book and her version of a bit ahead was me measuring 31 weeks when at the appointment I was just short of 22 weeks so then my stress turned to the fact that my gp made a comment about being careful due to the babies lungs and of course had me panicking all over again I had an appointment at the hospital today with my Endo and he has managed to put my mind at ease again but now I am wondering what I will freak out about next.

I enjoy pregnancy a lot but I also what the next 15 weeks to go really quickly as I am sick of being paranoid about something going wrong and people telling me to just relax and enjoy now bugs me cause if I could do this trust me I would since having Amelia I am more aware of the things that can go wrong.

Am I going to be like this every pregnancy?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amelia's Autopsy Results

I don’t usually say too much about it but we are still waiting on Amelia’s Autopsy results and in the time leading up to my scan I attempted to follow it up and see if there was a chance that they were back yet as I was feeling very anxious about my scan and what they may find so I put in a call and was told Amelia’s dr would get back to me but that she did not think they were back yet otherwise I would of been contacted by now and well yes I did know this but I was just hoping.

1 week after my scan I got a call from one of the doctors from the hospital (I think it turned out Amelia’s dr was away) to be told no they had not yet finished but the results from all her genetic testing and DNA was back and it all came back normal now I feel frustrated because it looks more like we are not going to really get any answers and that everything is just going to be guessing they still say it is a genetic issue but really they will never really know.

All I want now is to get the results back before we welcome our little boy to the family it is now going into 7 months but the other part of me no longer wants to know anything else and feel like having an autopsy done was a big waste of time.