Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scan and Doctors

Tomorrow we go for our scan and one thing that worries me beside the obvious is the chance of getting the same doctor that did our scan at 20 & 28 weeks with Amelia.

When I last saw my obstetrician at 17 weeks he handed me a slip of paper and said “Sorry to do this to you Linda I know how you feel about having to go to this hospital for a scan but we need you to have it done there”. With Amelia we had the scan done and it was performed by the same doctor who I feel needs a bit of a wakeup call and to realise he is not God.

We were told by this doctor our little girl would definitely have Trisomy 13 and wanted me to have an amnio done as we had told them we would not terminate the pregnancy so his solution was for me to do it and then at 32 weeks go to my local hospital to be induced at the first scan I was in shock and just took everything as gospel and just nodded and agreed with him but I did not want to have the amnio done then and there so we planned to wait a bit longer and discuss this at our 28 week scan. So off to home we go and did some research and spoke to people I found that doctors will not do anything to help babies with trisomy 13 and that in most cases yes the babies with trisomy 13 did pass away but not all and plus on the one website I found 3 different cases of an amnio being incorrect and these 3 babies turned out not to have T13 sadly 2 of those cases the little babies were very sick and did pass away and one of the babies was induced at 32 weeks just like the doctor recommend I do was totally healthy but cause of the diagnosis of T13 nothing was done to help mature the lungs of the baby so the parents and that baby had to go through a lot of stress and a lot of time in hospital that would not of been necessary. All this was convincing me to stick with the not wanting to have the amnio plus I was really angry as I had said I would not terminate but really what this doctor was wanting me to do was a late termination.

I talked to my Ob at the time (which luckily enough is the same Ob I have now) and agreed that due to the fact I would not terminate that there was not much point in the amnio and that we would go for the 28 week scan and see if there were any changes than after that we would not have any more scans done and relax and enjoy my pregnancy and that I would be induced at 38 weeks. We were all happy with this plan.

Off we go for my 28 week scan we also had a student midwife come with us as she already worked at this hospital and a little bit more support would be nice, the scan went ahead and nothing had got worse but nothing had got better and then came the amnio talk, well this did not go well I told the silly dr that I had talked to my ob and decided against it but apparently he had other ideas and started getting angry at us and then John and him nearly got into an argument and being I hate confrontation I ended up saying that I would think about it some more which I was not going to but thought it would be easier to walk out and never come back for the scan but then to top it off we started to talking to a midwife there and happened to mention I was going to be induced at 38 weeks and then proceeded to get a brief lecture about how bad it was for me to be induced I mean really what was it to these people I was not even having my baby at the hospital.

We walked out of that hospital thinking that would be the end of it but no at my 30 week check up with my Ob (my student midwife was at this appointment to) I was greeted with the news that the doctor who had done my scans had contacted him and asked him to place pressure on me to have the amnio done but my Ob did not agree with him and proceeded to tell me why I should not have it done.

When Amelia was born it was discovered that she did not have T13 in fact whatever her genetic disorder was would never be picked up by an amnio so if I had gone through with it would have told them nothing.

We have briefly seen the dr again when Amelia spent a few days at the hospital (another long story which is also another reason I do not like this hospital) and we were very tempted to approach him and say he was oh so wrong but did not hopefully the not so nice letter that my Ob wrote to the hospital after Amelia was born had some sort of impact on him but I highly doubt it.


  1. I don't blame you for not wanting to go back to that hospital!! How horrible for that Dr to not respect your wishes. I admire your strength. I was told today "I HAD" to have a 20 week scan and I am left is my body and my baby and I shouldn't HAVE to any thing. As a nurse I am taught that patients always have the right to refuse!!! Needless to say I came home and cried myself to sleep.
    good luck tomorrow my thoughts are with you and will be looking forward to reading your blog tomorrow night

  2. That's horrible what that Dr did! Just because they have degrees doesn't give them the right to decide what you should and shouldn't do. Yes they can suggest and recommend but in the end it's up to you. good for you Linda for standing up to what you believe in. Kate xx

  3. wow linda what a horrible man! mmmm maybe qld health needs a letter too.. good luck tomorrow, will be thinking of you and john, thinking nothing but positive thoughts for you :) xoxo katrina

  4. I was told that my 7 child would be born with Down Syndrome I said well I wont ever terminate and we would love the baby regardless
    That child is now 15 and no Downs Syndrome at all he does have a rare illness but even it wasnt picked up until he was 9 yr of age lol
    he is top of his class at school.

    Drs that think they are the almighty really are doing so much damage :((