Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Big Scan

Well today was the day for our scan and I can tell you I was stressing and feeling sick we got to the hospital early and while we were sitting in the waiting out walks the dreaded doctor I did not want to see so my anxiety kicked up a notch.

We were called into a room by a lovely woman who was doing the scan and started the scan and kept pointing things out to us and the one thing John and I both agree on this baby has the same shaped head that Amelia had all was l looking good and then the lady says for us to take a seat in the waiting room as the dr will want to do a scan she also said that she could not see anything in the scan to be concerned about but I still felt nervous.

50 minutes past and we were called back in and thank God we ended up with a different dr who was just lovely and he quickly repeated the scan and asked us questions about Amelia and had a look at some photos of her and ended the scan with as far as I can see you are having a nice healthy baby.

We are very happy am feeling a bit drained now so it will be an early night for me


  1. oh my, congratulations!!!!!!!!! have tears for you

  2. That's awesome news guys! I was thinking of you today and am so pleased the news is all good! x

  3. Congratulations John and Linda. You must be very excited!!!! So happy that all looks well

  4. That is wonderful news John and Linda. I am so happy for you both. Much Love Bec x