Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a week

Well I have not written for a bit mostly as I have had not much to say and then when I did have something to say I was to drained to do it.

On Wednesday we had our 20 week scan to discover that we had one very active little girl and I must say we could not be happier about it and it has made our pregnancy that much more exciting and love being able to say our little girl and call her by her name which is Amelia Grace.

On Friday I had my 20 week check up and to get the results from my scan, the results from our scan was not so good I have a Single Artery Umbilical Cord and our precious little girl has multiple cysts on both her kidneys.

So I spent pretty much the whole of Friday in tears and stressing out and then to top off one of the most horrible days I woke up just before midnight feeling sick and I only got worse to the point I ended up at the hospital as I thought I was having a heart attack but not so just a really bad case of reflux which I had to spend a few hours at the hospital to find this out.

At the moment I am feeling much better about everything, I have had great support from my family and friends and now we are just waiting to hear from the Mater hospital to have a detailed scan and find out what is going to happen from here.

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