Thursday, April 1, 2010

those thoughts

Last week John and we decided that we would go shopping and have a look at prams well we did have fun looking and the pram that John really liked was the strider 4 but the only problem was that John could not fold it down he spent ages trying to get it to fold he had me killing myself laughing it was so funny so John's final solution is that he will tie the pram to roof racks which we don't have.

So off we went to put the pram on lay-by and my usual thought pops into my head it never stays there to long but it is a thought that has always been with me no matter how positive I try and be.

"What if my baby does not make it" now I must say that despite what you may think I don't devote many hours stressing about it or think about it all to often but it is a thought that is there and part of me still has not accepted the fact that in 19 weeks time we will be having a baby and that we will be parents and I think it is a habit that John and I have adopted to protect our selves some people may not understand it but that is how we deal with it and I really don't think it is going to hit us until we hold our little baby in our arm's :)

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