Monday, April 5, 2010

Count Down

Well the count down is on for me to finish up work and today I said goodbye to one of my co-workers as I only have 3 shifts of work left.

Yes I am finishing up work a bit early but have not really been given much of a choice due to suffering from vertigo I am meant to avoid standing for long periods of time which is not easy to do when you work at a service station were you can spend hours by yourself.

Before I even started suffering from vertigo it was suggested that I consider finishing up sooner rather than latter but I really put it off as I just kept thinking if things did not work out I would have to look for another job and I just did not want to do that as I like my job I have a great manager and assistant manager and I work with great people and that does not always happen but the vertigo was really the last straw and it really hit home that I could not work for as long as I had plan to.

I am finding as time is getting closer to my 20 week scan and my last day of work the nerves are really kicking in as my last day of work is on the 12th of April and the scan is on the 14th of April I really pray that everything is going well and wonder if after this scan I will stop stressing so much.

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