Monday, March 29, 2010

Part 3

OK so off to the hospital I went and I can tell you they did not have me waiting long to see the doctor or the diabetic educator as the midwife did say something to her boss. I met with a doctor who was the first person to be negative about my pregnancy pretty much made it sound that my baby had no chance that he or she was going to be born with a birth defect were as every other health care professional had been really positive about my pregnancy as my diabetes has been very well controlled.

The week after I had to go back to the hospital again and I had a blood test done while I was there called Hb1ac which test for my sugar levels over 3 months and my test results came back really good it put me in a non diabetic range which means my sugar levels were really well controlled and considering I had only been aware that I had diabetes for 7 of the 12 weeks it tested for I felt pretty good, when I spoke to the diabetic educator a few days later ( I call them twice a week) and told her my results she said to me that I must be confused and that my doctor must be confused as that cant be right as it is very low for someone with diabetes so she told me to hold the line while she went and got the results and when she came back she asked me if I had a lot of hypos and my answer to that is no I have never had a hypo, the lady was in a bit of a shock as the doctor or myself were not confused.

So the following day off i went for my 16 week check up were I got to here my baby's heartbeat which was such a relief as I was so worried that there was something wrong as I had spotting 2 days before hand but no everything was OK.

2 Days latter I was at work I had been there for about 2 hours when I started to feel very strange and it happened really quickly so I called out to Jayde to say that something did not feel right and by the time she had got to me I had broken out in a cold sweat was feeling dizzy, nauseous and had the shakes so my first thought was I was having my first ever hypo but when i checked my levels they were fine and when I got to the doctors (not my doctor as they were closed) he checked me over and said it was vertigo and from now on with my pregnancy that I would have to be careful and to try and not spend to long on my feet (not easy when you work at a 24 hour servo and a lot of the time you are by yourself for 8 hours at a time) so as a result I am having to give up work shortly in fact the 12th of April is my day.

well now I am 18 weeks nearly 19 weeks the time has gone so fast I have my ups and downs but always I try to stay positive but it is not always easy

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