Saturday, March 27, 2010

Part 2

So I just need to back track for just a minute, you will notice in post there are times when I am talking about going to doctors and scans and 90% of the time there will be no mention of John being there that is because most of the time I go to these things by myself, now this is not because John does not want to come with me this is mostly due to me playing down the visits and trying to discourage John you maybe asking why I do this well my mind is a complicated and scary place. In my own way I think it is a way of me protecting John which i know sounds strange but I did say my mind was complicated and scary :) I would rather be the one to break the news to him if there is bad news.

OK so off I went to the doctors a few days later with all my results from the scan and my doctor had the results of my glucose test and this was the only time John has come to the doctors with me and all my scan results were really good I went from not heartbeat or yolk to a strong heartbeat and a healthy looking yolk so we were 2 very happy parents to be but we were not so lucky with the glucose results as they came back saying I had diabetes which brings up a whole heap of complications with being pregnant specially as it had not been under control for the whole pregnancy.

So my doctor gave me a referral and told me to go to straight to ANC on the following days as it was a public holiday at the hospital as they would have to start me on some insulin, so off I went the next day with my friend Cathy as John was at work and well what a horrible day that turned out to be the receptionist (were she got her medical training from lol) had pretty much told me to go home and wait for an appointment from the hospital but she also said how could my doctor diagnose me with having diabetes after only doing 1 test (I mean really how many times did she want the doctor to go and send me for a glucose tolerance test), lucky for me Cathy was there with the way I was feeling I just would on went home but Cathy piped up and spoke to the lady who then decided to tell us to go to the early assessment unit and yes you guessed they tried to send me back to the ANC telling me that there is were i needed to go so we ended up just going back to my doctors I was in tears what else do you do when you are pregnant and so my doctor started me on insulin the best she could.

So eventually I got an appointment with a midwife 5 weeks later (so they wanted me to wait this long before I did anything about my diabetes)the midwife was lovely and said I needed to go to the hospital ASAP so I told what happened when my doctor sent me there and she was horrified and told me I should never of been sent away and that she would be saying something to her boss that afternoon and she called the hospital and got me in there the next day.

Stay tuned for part 3 of getting you caught up to were I am at.

Oh and by now you will have guessed that my grammar is not good so I will say sorry now

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